Top 10 Reasons why staff leave

Nowadays it is not like in the past, when employees wanted to find a job to spend their whole life or a large part of it. Now it is not uncommon to change companies frequently. Here are the top 10 reasons why staff leave: Bad salary One reason to change the job is when employees feel that their…
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6 Tips for personnel management

A bad personnel management can affect the motivation of workers and damage the company´s reputation. Here are the 6 most important facts for an optimal personnel management: Flexible working hours Occasionally, there are employees who are missing their job for reasons they can’t control. One way to…
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The Post-Oktoberfest sickness

Last Saturday started what more than 7 million people have been waiting for – the Munich Oktoberfest! Undoubtedly one of the most popular festivals in the world, generating a revenue of 1 billion euros in just over 14 days. There are many interesting facts about the Oktoberfest, such as the 7.5 m…
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Brückentage 2018 - Mit 32 freie Tage kannst du 70 Tage Urlaub machen!

Das Jahr 2018 hat noch nicht begonnen, aber um das Beste aus deinem Urlaub zu machen, zeigen wir dir alle nationalen und regionalen Feiertage 2018. Warte nicht länger und fange noch heute an, deinen Urlaub zu planen! absence.io erklärt dir wie das geht! Januar – Mo. 01 Neujahr (4 Tage Urlaub = 9 Tag…
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Office 365 Integration

Our Office 365 Integration syncs automatically all your absence.io events with the respective outlook calender and makes the login process easier with SSO (Single sign-on). (Note, the following guide can only be done with Admin-rights.) Follow the next steps to integrate "Office 365": Go…
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Google Integration

The integration of your Google account into absence.io, gives your employees the opportunity to login into absence.io with their Google account, and gives you the possibility to import your Google users. You can activate furthermore the synchronization of the calender from Google to absence.io. …
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Slack Extension

With our latest update, it is now even possible to receive absence.io - messages, i.e. absence requests, approved as well as denied requests via slack. Following we show you how you can connect your absence.io account with slack. In the first step, you have to open your personal profile as…
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New User Profile

To further simplify the use of absence.io and to prepare for the future new functionalities, we redesigned the user profile. Following you can find an overview of the improved alterations: The user list is not positioned in the settings anymore, but instead wandered above into the main…
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Doctor's Note Feature

With the new doctor's note feature provided by absence.io, you won't loose track of missing medical certificates, ever again. To activate the doctor's note feature just go to the 'Settings'=>'Leave Types' and select the respective leave type (e.g. Sickness), as you can see in the following…
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We are excited to introduce the new user-role 'Department-Assistant'. On the department level, you can now assign assistants who have the following rights: Creating absences for users within a department, without approving them automatically. Access to other users' absence reasons within the…
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Residual Leave Expiration

With the new update we also support the establishment of rules for residual leave expiration. This is how you easily do it: To set the residual leave expiration, you need at least the role of 'HR'. Simply go to the 'Settings' and then 'Allowances' Click on the respective allowance, that you…
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Substitute Regulation

We are excited to present you a new feature. From now on you will be able to appoint a substitute in your absence. The following process shows you how to use the substitute regulation: From now on, you can add a substitute within the absence request. While adding a new absence and selecting a…
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New Team Management

Like you might remember our Team Management used to be in the "Users" area under "Settings": With the growing functionlities we started facing some challenges and decided to move it under the 'Organization' section, in order to be more flexible with coming features. Makes it…
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Jira Integration

After our slack integration we are super happy to present you today our Jira integration. In order to use it, you just have to go through following steps: First select "Add-Ons" in the user menu on top right of your screen. In the next step search for our Add-On and click on "install". Click…
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Bridge days 2016 Germany

This blog post is only in German available.
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Slack Integration

We are very excited to introduce you today our new Slack integration with the following functionalities: get a daily list of absent employees postet to one dedicated channel get an overview about this or next week's absences with our Slash Commands If you don't have an absence.io account yet, you…
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Fixed Approvers per User

Approval procedures are even more flexible than before with the new update. So far approvers could only be defined on department level. Now you have an additional option. You can assign users fixed approvers. This can be easily done in the respective user's profile: Thus there are two options in…
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New Update!
Additional Allowance Quotas!

A while ago we asked in our questionnaire, which new feature is most needed. After the evaluation, it became apparent that an ‘Additional Allowance Quota’ was the most wished for feature. Your wishes, are our commands. Until now, we offered a simple vacation contingent, now you can change it as you go.…
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Calendar subscription

Easily integrate your absence.io leaves into Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar with our calendar feeds. Currently we are supporting the integration of one single user, a team, a department, a location or the entire company. You can find the link for the single user integration in the respective…
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Support of Departments

With our new update we are supporting departments. If you want to create a new department go to "Settings" --> "Departments" and click on the button "Create Department". After you created your first department, you can assign approvers to the department. Users…
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New Individual Yearly Overview!

Thanks a lot for all the feedback! On top of the list, we already had, we added the yearly overview, which we set live with the last update. Check it out and let us know what you think! Your absence.io Team!
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Tutorial: Getting started in 10 minutes!

After you have signed up, the following 5 steps will help you to quickly introduce absence.io in your team. 1. Select the holidays: Holidays are automatically displayed in the calendar of the user and can be edited by you during the account creation or at a later stage. 2. Edit the leave types:…
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The absence.io Android app is here!

To thank you for your trust during 2014 we have a small Christmas gift for you: The first version of the absence.io Android app is here! We hope you will enjoy it and as always, we are excited to hear your feedback! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Download it now at Google Play Store …
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Beta phase ends end of December

It’s time for us to say thank you for the overwhelmingly positive and constructive feedback during our beta period. The last months have been an extremely exciting time for our entire team and it is a true pleasure to have you all on board. The official absence.io launch is planned on January 1st, 2…
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Hello World

We’re setting sail to make the organization of work more human. With smart, efficient and user-friendly applications that are used by organizations around the globe. Come and join us on our journey!
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