Slack Integration

Published on: 19/08/2015

We are very excited to introduce you today our new Slack integration with the following functionalities:

  • get a daily list of absent employees postet to one dedicated channel
  • get an overview about this or next week's absences with our Slash Commands

  • If you don't have an account yet, you first have to signup. It's for free for the first 30 days and the setup doesn't take more than two minutes.

    If you have an account already, log in and go through the following three steps:

    1. 1. Click on "Add to Slack" under Settings --> Integrations

    2. 01_add_to_slack

      2. In the next step choose the channel you want to get the daily overview about "who is absent today". Click on "Authorize" to confirm your selection.


      3. In the last step adjust the initial settings about your preferred language, the posting time and your timezone. That's it!


    After successful setting up the integration, you'll get a daily overview about "who is absent today" posted into the channel you selected.


    In addition to that, there are following Slash commands, which you can use to keep the overview whenever you need it:

  • / today: To get a list of today's absences.
  • / thisweek: To get a list of this week's absences
  • / nextweek: To get a list of next week's absences.

  • Have fun with our new Slack integration and let us know what you think. We would love to get some feedback!

    All the best
    Your Team