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Make vacation scheduling easy and efficient - for you and your employees!

The online vacation planner of absence.io enables you to easily manage all vacation days and absences within your firm. Whether it's co-workers, team colleagues or external project co-workers, you can invite all of them comfortably to your absence.io account. This way, you can simply insert any kind of absences in the web-interface and access the absences of the relevant co-workers.

Uncomplicated process

Creating a truly uncomplicated process was of the utmost importance to us when we created this absence management software. In fact, it is so uncomplicated that it can be used by small, privately owned businesses as well as departments within large, multinational corporations. absence.io will simplify your administrative processes and greatly improve the reliability of your planning. We have eliminated laborious leave request forms and the need to create large, difficult to update absence management spreadsheets through our streamlined reporting and tracking system. However, if the need arises, all our data can be easily and quickly exported to Microsoft Excel.

Uncomplicated process
Clear instructions

Clear instructions

Staff members will have no trouble utilizing our employee vacation tracker due its ease of use. Employees simply click on the dates they desire for PTO days on the integrated calendar feature. This then automatically generates a leave request in the form of an email to the appropriate manager(s). That same manager will also be informed of other staff members who have requested leave for the same time period. In this manner, the team leader can now make fully informed decisions regarding staff management with up-to-the-minute information.

Clear instructions

Effortless communication

This ability to automatically generate and send vital emails greatly improves communication between staff and management and removes an entire step from the leave request process. Team leaders can then quickly approve or deny the request as they see fit. Additionally, our PTO tracker improves communication among staff members as well. They now have the ability to view, with absence.io, which other staff members have coinciding leave time and, therefore, the information to adjust their request accordingly. Staff can also view their remaining leave time as that is also tracked with our application. This type of effortless communication allows team leaders and members alike to focus their attentions on other important matters, such as your organization’s productivity and profitability.

Effortless communication
Smart. Easy. Flexible!

Smart. Easy. Flexible!

We offer you transparency that simplifies the management of vacation days and all other kinds of absences not only for the HR department, but for everyone within your company. Are you the head of your team or the head of HR? With absence.io you always have all employees' absences in view. Hence you are able to prevent possible bottlenecks and thus easily increase productivity in your immediate surroundings as well as your company.

Smart. Easy. Flexible!

Key Features of Our Employee Vacation Tracker


Share absences

Share your absences easily with whoever who wish for with one simple link.



Without any complications or long contemplating you always have the updated residual vacation days in view.


Team management

The management of teams has never been easier. You can create as many teams as you need and moreover assign individuals to more than one team.


Always and anywhere

No matter where and when, absence.io is a multi-device and thus accesable from any device.


Email requests

You can also comfortably answer the request by email.


Calendar integration

You want the absences out of absence.io in Outlook, iCal or Google Calender? No problem at all, absence.io can be easily integrated as many times as desired.

What our customers are saying about us

Klaus, Katharina, Frank and 25,000 other users now have more time for what really matters: their business and families, all thanks to our absence management software. Contact us today to become part of this exciting new generation, and say goodbye to the chore and hassle of all that paperwork.


”Simple, at-a-glance, and efficient. If you need it fast, this is the tool you’ve been looking for.“

HR-Manager at Sport-Thieme

”We tried out all kinds of absence management software. But none of them made their mark on us like absence.io. And it’s not just the product. Their support is top of the line too. Thank you absence.io!“

Team Assistant at mantro GmbH

”We tested a bunch of different tools. The intuitive and easy-to-use user interface was the reason we chose absence.io.“

CEO exccon GmbH

SSL Encrypted

Your data is protected from unauthorized access thanks to our SSL encryption and high security standards.


ISO Certified Servers

All our servers and databases are located in Germany and ISO certified.


Daily backups

All data stored on absence.io is backed up daily and stored in different locations for added security.

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