First steps

What absence.io offers

absence.io makes the holiday and absence planning within small to medium-sized enterprises easy and transparent

The simple user interface is easy to maneuver and accesible by any web browser. Never has the reporting and evaluation of absences been any simpler.

Our cloud-based application scales effortlessly and grows with an organisation's demands. There is no need for installation and thus makes IT-Support unnecessary.

Next to hosting the application and the user data, we also attend to maintenance, security and support. On top of that our users benefit from continuous updates and functional enhancements.

Try it out for free!

The easiest way to experience absence.io is to create an account for free and try out the application with your team.

You can use absence.io completely for free for up to 10 users, at all times. As for companies with more than 10 users, they can use the application free of charge for up to 30 days, a trial month.

If you have any questions, you can contact us anytime at hello@absence.io.

Create an Account for free

Invite Users

Click within the Company Calender or the Settings the button "Add User" in the top right corner. This way you can invite as many new users as you would like to.

Save time with the setup

The following five steps help you to effortlessly and efficiently introduce absence.io within your team/company.

Step 1: Add, delete or edit your holidays

Holidays are automatically shown within every user's calender. Moreover, they can be edited during the account registration as well as afterwards. How you can edit holidays you can find out here.

Step 2: Define Leave Types

Predefined leave types like e.g. "training" can be selected by users, whenever they want to record their absences. On the other hand, how to add and/or edit leave types you can find out here.

Step 3: Invite and Establish Admins, HR and Approver

Every team/organization is different, therefore we implemented diverse user roles and authorization levels that enable a flexible administration of the application mirroring the team's/company's structure. An overview of the diverse roles can be found here. These roles can be assigned during the invitation procedure or individually within each user's profile.

Schritt 4: Invite Users

As soon as the administrative team has been defined and established or even simultaneously, the employees can be added to the interface. How you invite users, can be found here.

Step 5: Create Teams/Departments and Assign Users

Within absence.io you can easily assign users to teams/departments. How to create teams/departments is explained here.

It makes more sense to create the teams after the users have been added to the interface as it enables you to assign multiple users to a team at once. More on that can be found here.

As a matter of fact we are always available if there are any questions concerning the configuration of absence.io and can be contacted at hello@absence.io.

Manage User

Roles and Rights

absence.io differentiates between four different role types, namely the User, HR, Admin and Owner. They have the following 'rights':

A User can....

✓ Request and add absence
✓ See absence of colleagues in the same team, but not necessarily the reason - exceptions are leave types that are visible to the whole team

Has all the rights of a user and can moreover...
✓ Invite new users
✓ Edit and delete existing users
✓ Access and edit absences of staff members
✓ Insert the absences of staff members without the need of an approval except for themselves
✓ Add and edit Leave Types
✓ Access reports and settings to address the management of holidays and calender-subscription

Has all the rights of an HR and can moreover...
✓ Insert the absence of staff members without the need of an approval even for themselves

Has all the rights of an Admin and can moreover...
✓ Delete the organization

How you can assign roles to users, can be found out here

On top of that you can assign users the role of approver. To find out more about this feature click here

Approval of absence requests

Next to the four administrative roles, it is also possible to assign a user the function of approver. This enables them to approve requested abscences.

This function can be set during the invitation process of a user or within the individual profile by selecting the option 'This user may approve/disapprove of absence'.

Assign roles to user

To assign roles to specific users, you can either do it during the creation of their profile or in retrospect within their profile.

If not differently assigned, every individual gets the role of user with their invitation to the application. To find out more about the other roles and their privileges click here.

To assign an already existing user another role, you have to...

  1. Go to 'Settings'
  2. Click 'User'
  3. Go to the profile of the individual you want to assign another role
  4. Click on the pencil in the top right corner and reassign him/her another role in the profile

Create Teams

To create a new team, go to 'Settings' and then 'User'. Now. click on 'Manage Teams' and choose 'Add New'.

How to assign users to teams, can be found here.

Assign Users to a Teams

To assign users to certain teams, first one has to be created (see here).

Assign several users at once to a specific group by selecting them in the user-list within the user settings and then click 'Assign Team'. Additonally, users can be part of more than one group at a time.

Create Departments

To create a department you just have to go to 'Settings' -> 'Departments' -> the top right corner 'Add department'.

Now you can also choose an 'Approver' for this specific department who henceforth will be solely addressing all the absence requests within that group.

Assign Users to a Department

Assigning staff members to a department can be done within the menu item 'Users'. Simply check one or more individuals and click on 'Assign department'.

Approval Process

If an employee inserts a new absence that is subject to approval, the staff member is asked who the respective 'Approver' is and can choose him/her out of a list.

This is beneficial since the employee can select the 'Approver' that is available, in case one is absent, thus saving time and increasing efficiency. The lastly choosen 'Approver' will always be included in the initial selection.

Any user within absence.io can approve/disapprove absences if they are assigned the feature "This user is allowed to accept & decline absence requests (e.g. vacation)" within their profile.

Multilayered Approval Procedures

absence.io supports multilayered approval procedures in so far that absences that are subject to approval can be redirected/forwarded. Accordingly an absence request made by a team-member would be sent to the team-leader who then could decide to forward the request to the department-head.

Delete user

Users can easily be deleted by using the trashcan-symbol in the right top corner of the respective user profil. However to execute this action, at least the role of "HR" is needed. An overview of the different roles can be found here.

Account & Settings

Change user name

If you want to change your user name, click on the top right corner on your name, then 'Show Profile', lastly on the pencil symbol in the right corner to edit and you can change your user name.
If you want to change someone else's user name, you need to be at least assigned the role of 'HR'. In "Settings", you can find the menu item "Users". Select the respective user and click on the pencil symbol to edit the profile and thus the user name.

Change Password

If a you want to change your password only a few clicks are needed. First you have to click on your name in the top right corner, then "'Change Password" and a new window is opened. Here you only have to enter your current password and the new one. Save it and it's done.

Forgot Password

You forgot your password? No problem, we send you a new one! Insert here your email address that you registered with and we will send you a link to reset it.

Change Language

If you want to change the language, click on your name in the top right corner, then "Show Profile" and lastly the pencil symbol to change the language you use within absence.io.

Add Profile picture

If you want to upload a picture you just have to click on your name, then "Show Profile", the pencil symbol in the top right corner and choose "Change Picture". This enable you to upload a picture.
If you want to edit someone else's profile picture you need to at least have the role of 'HR'. Then you go to the "Settings" -> "Users" -> the respective profile and the rest is as stated above.

Delete Account / Company

Only as the'Owner' you are able to delete the account/company. Click the menu item "Settings" -> "Calender" -> "Basic Settings" and then you can finde the "Delete Organization" button on the top right corner.

Vacation Planning

Create / Edit Leave Types

Within the "Settings" you can find the "Leave types" on the left side. Here you have the option to edit or delete preconfigured "Leave types" as well as add new ones.

Next to the name and the icon for a specific "Leave Type" you can choose whether an approval is needed or whether it is substracted from a specific "Allowance" or not subtracted at all. Moreover you can select whether the type is visible to their respective co-workers as a specific type. The latter implies that co-workers can generally see when someone is absent but not necessarily the reason except it is marked as visible suggesting e.g. an individual is absent because they are doing "Home Office", the respective co-workers would know that she/he is not only absent but working from home.

Concerning E-mail Notifications, they can be selected if e.g. in case of sickness not only the team-leader is suppossed to be informed but also 'HR'. Moreover more than one recipient can be added to the list by seperating the different E-mail addresses with a comma.

Specify Vacation Allowance

Within the "Settings" -> "Calender Settings" -> "General Settings" you can set the total amount of vacation days per year. This value is then set for new users. However it can be individually adjusted.

Select Public Holidays

For editing public and custom holidays go to "Settings" --> "Locations" and select the location where you want to edit the holidays.

For adding new custom holidays, go to "Settings" --> "Custom Holidays". You can define them as full-day or half-day and whether they should be recurring every year.

Bank Holidays

As for each user's bank holidays, you can either assign them the default location settings or use the individual settings, which can be adjusted and differ for each individual. The default is the location holidays; however you can adjust it anytime within the user's profile.

Residual Leave

Residual Leave for the current year can be easily added to the respective profile during the setup of the absence.io profile.

Residual Leave calculation

absence.io automatically calculates the residual leave of every user. Following has to be considered:

If absence is approved it is first subtracted from last year's residual leave, only then is the current year's vacation days addressed.

However, if a vacation is planned for the following year it is subtracted from next year's vacation allowance first and recalculated once the new year starts.

Residual Leave Expiration

You can easily set conditions for the residual leave to be taken over as well as to expire at a specific date. Just go to the settings => 'allowances' (left sidebar) => select the respective accruals you want to set conditions for and make the according changes in the mask.

Select working days

Do your working days differ from the norm? Does your company advertise working days 7 days a week or is it maybe limited to the weekend? Or do different employees work on different days within a week? Then you can simply adjust the working days individually in each employee's profil as you see fit!


Creating reports on absence.io is an easy task. Just click on "Reports" -> "Absences" -> Choose a user from the list + Leave Type + Time Frame and you get a detailed overview. With the button "Export" you can also transfer the data to an excel document.



Currently the choice in languages is limited to English and German. More are in planning. If you are interested in a specific one just contact us!

Supported Browser & Devices

You can access absence.io with any Mac or Computer with any current browser. Moreover, users can also access their accounts with our Android App. An iOS App is coming up soon. Download the Android App here

Mobile Apps

We recently introduced our Android App for an optimal representation of abesnce.io on tablets and smartphones. You can download it here An iOS App is coming soon!


absence.io is for free for teams with up to ten members. Teams and companies with more than ten users are paying 1.50€ per user per month, including the first ten. Or get a special offer for teams with more than 100 members. Besides that feel free to test absence.io for free for up to 30 days.
We are available for any questions you might have!

Payment information

We accept payment with credit card and/or bank transfer.

Problem and Feedback

Do you have any issues or problems with absence.io or even improvement suggestions? We are always excited to hear from you! Just send us an email to hello@absence.io

Manage User

Import external users

With the import feature you can easily include other user's and/or team's absences in your calender. However, a prerequisite is that they use absence.io as well and provide you with their Sharing-Link.

One application use is e.g. if you want to include external co-workers or project employees of different departments and have an overvire over their availability in your team calender. If you want to know what a Sharing-Link is and how to generate one, click here.

As for the Import, go to "Settings" -> "Users" -> "Und so funktioniert der Import: Unter dem Reiter „Einstellungen“ findest du auf der linken Seite den Menüpunkt „Nutzer“. Über den Button „Importiere Externe “, können beliebig viele neue Nutzer hinzugefügt werden.

Definiere einfach einen Namen, füge den Sharing-Link, den du von den externen Nutzern erhalten hast ein und klicke auf „User importieren“.

Vacation Planning

Share Calendar

The information are only in German available!