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Vacation Tracking Software

Our Vacation Tracking Software gives you the opportunity to manage vacation days and absences efficiently in an easy fashion. No software installation is needed and neither is IT-support necessary. Any staff member can be easily invited to the Vacation Tracking Software, no matter if they are working in the field or doing home office. They can list their absences in the web interface and immediately access all absences made by their co-workers.

Automatic calculation of vacation

You have the possibility to assign each employee a different annual vacation fee. The remaining holidays are calculated automatically, moreover you can create rules to spicify if the remaining days expire at the end of the year, on a certain date or are transferred to the following year.

General overview

You have an effective overview of vacations and absences in your company, which allows you to save time in knowing which employees are absent. It also prevents certain jobs or tasks from not being covered.

Customize your absences

The Vacation Tracking Software of absence.io not only allows you to manage the holidays of your employees, also all kinds of absences, such as sick leave, maternity leave, education... Besides you have the possibility to customize them, only available for certain employees, not visible in the calendar or needs approval, are some of the options.

The main features

Sharing absences

Share absences of single user or entire teams simply with a link.


No matter where you are, absence.io is available on all connected devices.

Vacation days tracking

No guessing or tedious research. Find the left vacation days just there.

E-Mail approval

Reply to open requests straight via e-mail or on the app.

Calendar integration

Integrate absence.io in your preferred calendar like Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar.

Capacity Planning

Get the capacity of your entire team, sub-teams or team members.