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Ultimate Efficiency for Your Team

The Online Absence Manager for employees provided by absence.io gives you the opportunity to manage vacation days and absences efficiently in an easy fashion. No software installation is needed and neither is IT-support necessary. Any staff member can be easily invited to the Online Absence Manager, no matter whether they are working in the field or doing home office. They can list their absences in the web interface and immediately access all absences made by their co-workers.

Full Overview

Keep the overview about all leave times such as vacation, sickness or school.
Customize absence.io to your needs and add any other type of absence.

Residual Leave

Residual leave is calculated automatically. Weekends and public holidays are not been taking into account.
Every staff member get's thereby an overview about his/her residual leave at any time.

Adding time off

Adding some time off is fast and easy. Just select the time frame in the calendar, select the type of absence and send it to your manager. The marked vacation days will be calculated automatically.

E-Mail Requests

Time off requests can be answered with a simple click in the email request. You'll find there all the information you need, e.g. who else is going to be off around this time.


Your staff member get's the confirmation immediately if given and can look forward to his vacation from now on.

Straight forward, no complications

Sharing absences

Share absences of single user or entire teams simply with a link.


No matter where you are, absence.io is available on all connected devices.

Vacation days tracking

No guessing or tedious research. Find the left vacation days just there.

E-Mail approval

Reply to open requests straight via e-mail or on the website. The confirmation process is effortless.

Calendar integration

Integrate absence.io in your preferred calendar like Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar.

Capacity Planning

Get the capacity of your entire team, sub-teams or team members.