Employee Absence Tracker

The Employee Absence Tracker of absence.io helps your team to keep track on vacation times and any other kind of absences. The bigger your team the more difficult it gets to keep the overview. With our online service we help you to manage your employees absences. No need of installing software or hiring IT support.

Mit der Software zur Fehlzeitenverwaltung von absence.io hast du die Abwesenheiten aller Mitarbeitenden stets im Blick. Es kann aus verschiedenen Absenztypen, wie z.B. Urlaub, Krankheit, oder Weiterbildung gewählt werden, oder auch eigene Absenzarten erstellt werden. Neben Unternehmen aus vielen Teilen der Welt, setzen auch Einrichtungen aus dem öffentlichen, medizinischen und Bildungssektor auf unsere Lösung.

Modernized System

Our modernized and simplified leave management system can be used by organizations of various sizes, from small, individually owned businesses to departments within the largest of multinational corporations. Absence.io is a system that has integrated the reporting and forecasting aspects of tracking employee absences. In the process, we have also improved the reliability of your planning and simplified your administrative duties associated with tracking leave time. Our system has eliminated the need to generate tedious leave request forms and the concomitant need to enter that data into a large, cumbersome spreadsheet. That is, unless your organization would still care to utilize that system as absence.io allows you to export all data to Microsoft Excel at any time.

Streamlined Process

This streamlined claim made by our employee absence tracker is largely due to the inclusion of the integrated calendar within absence.io and its ease of use. Team members simply click on the date(s) of their requested leave. absence.io then generates an email to the necessary team leader(s) which informs him/her of that leave request, to include the dates. The manager is also informed of other team members that have requested leave over that same time period. The team leader can then make staffing decisions with the most up-to-date information at his/her disposal.

Enhanced Communication

Given the above example, it becomes readily apparent that our employee attendance tracker enhances communication between team managers and members. However, it also as the capability to enhance communication between all team members, as they can view all leave requests through absence.io. They can therefore make their own leave decisions with the most up-to-date information as well. Thus, our modernized system which has streamlined a complex process and enhanced communication is the obvious choice when it comes to PTO tracking software.