Employee Attendance Tracker

The Employee Attendance Tracker of absence.io helps your team to keep track on vacation times and any other kind of absences. The bigger your team the more difficult it gets to keep the overview. With our online service we help you to manage your employees attendance. No need of installing software or hiring IT support.

Simplification of the Process

Here at absence.io, we believe that all business systems should be as simple as possible and that is what we have endeavored to create with this program. In fact, our system is applicable to businesses of all sizes, from small, privately owned companies to the teams of large, international corporations. Our system takes what once was a time-consuming, complex process and transforms it into a quick and simple one by eliminating the need for written leave request forms and tedious spreadsheets. It does, however, permit you to export your data to an excel file if you so desire.

Easy to Use

Utilizing our employee attendance tracker is as easy as reading a calendar, for that is how requests for PTO days are entered into absence.io, via our integrated calendar. For example, if a staff member realizes at 3:00 am that he needs to call off sick that day, he simply opens absence.io and enters that sick day on the calendar. Our program then automatically updates and delivers an email to that staff member’s manager and any other designated team member. The manager can then easily, through our calendar, view all other employees that are off that same day. This allows the manager to make necessary staff adjustments prior to arriving to work that day.

Efficient Communications

With our leave management system, not only is staff/management communications improved, but employee-to-employee communications as well. This is due to the fact that all team members can bring up the absence.io calendar and immediately see which other members have requested leave for the same time period and, if necessary, adjust their dates. Our program also calculates remaining leave time, keeps it updated and accounts for weekends as well as company-wide holidays. This allows managers to make quick staff decisions, not only for the present, but the future as well.