Employee Vacation Calendar

The Employee Vacation Calendar of absence.io helps your team to keep track of vacation times and any other kind of absences. The bigger your team the more difficult it gets to keep it in check. With our online service we help you to manage your employees vacations. No need of installing software or hiring IT support.

Simple Reporting

Team managers and HR personnel will be more than satisfied with the integrated reporting and forecasting functions. Not only does it permit small and medium-sized organizations to better plan for PTO days, but it can also do the same for the departments of larger organizations and allow for a more streamlined process of absence management. absence.io not only simplifies your administrative processes, but it also improves the reliability of your planning. Written applications for PTO days and excel spread sheets become obsolete. However, if you still prefer, all your data can be exported to an excel file at any time.

Easy Handling

It is extremely simple to enter a new absence in the employee vacation calendar. The integrated calendar allows the employee to pick a date and send off a vacation request to his manager with the one click. The manager will quickly be notified by email and will also be informed which other team members will be absent at the same time. The manager can therefore base his staff decisions on up-to-date and accurate data, hence properly plan for employee absences.

Satisfied Staff

Because all their colleagues' absences are visible in the vacation calendar, staff members can take this information into account when planing for their own vacations. Weekends and holidays are automatically accounted for, while remaining leave is also automatically calculated and both are shown in the application. This eliminates time-consuming requests regarding public holidays and residual leave time. This saves time for both managers and the human resources department.

Main functionalities of our Employee Vacation Calendar

Sharing absences

Share absences of single user or entire teams simply with a link.


No matter where you are, absence.io is available on all connected devices.

Vacation days tracking

No guessing or tedious research. Find the left vacation days just there.

E-Mail approval

Reply to open requests straight via e-mail or on the website. The confirmation process is effortless.

Team Management

Assign your team members to as many teams as you want.

Calendar integration

Integrate absence.io in your preferred calendar like Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar.

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  • Frank


    HR-Manager at Sport-Thieme

    We hit upon the Employee Vacation Calendar of absence.io by chance and we are thrilled. The time saving compared to paper forms, excel sheets and holiday plans is huge.



    Team Assistant at mantro.net

    After searching for years we finally found a solution with absence.io for managing absences within our company.



    CEO at exccon GmbH

    What I need is an easy and uncomplicated team overview. That's exactly what I get with absence.io!