Staff Absences Made Easier with PTO Tracker

Regardless if you have a big or small team, it can be difficult for managers and employees to keep track of their colleagues’ paid time off. With our simple online service, you can easily keep track of absences, without installing any software. It will give your team a better overview and better planning possibilities in case someone decides to go fishin’.

HR will love the fully automated system

Since is fully automated there’s no need for those boring repetitive tasks when it comes to reporting and updating leave absences. When an employee requests a leave absence the PTO tracker automatically updates the calendar and HR only need to track the leave time rather than entering all information manually. No need for written or computer made leave request forms that makes you want to pull your hair out.

Ditch the spreadsheets, it’s time for a simplified data entry

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if the employees were the only ones who needed to enter their leave request? We’ll answer that with a YES. With a simple data entry method, the team members enter their leave request in the dynamic calendar feature and an email is sent to the assigned approver. All in real-time! Managers can more easily make future staffing decisions since the leave requests are up-to-date for the entire team.

Eliminate Confusion and Improve Communication

It might be obviously implied that the communication between the team managers and the team members is substantially easier and improved. But have you thought about the communication between the team members themselves? If they can see their colleagues’ absences for e.g. home office, sick leave or vacation it will be easier for them to plan their absences and most of all, their work.