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The Staff Holiday Planner of helps your team to keep track of vacation times and any other kind of absences. The bigger your team the more difficult it gets to keep track. With our online service we help you to manage your staffs' holiday. No need of installing software or hiring IT support.

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Simplified Process

The simplification of the leave request process was one of our primary concerns as we developed this program, and we believe we have achieved that goal. The system can be utilized by teams operating within large corporations and by small businesses alike as a result of how we have simplified the process. Our absence management software streamlines the leave request and reporting system to the simplest common denominator. Gone are hard-copy leave request forms as well as entering data into large, confusing spreadsheets, unless your company requires those items or staff members would still prefer to use them. In that case, all the data from can be exported to an excel sheet at any time.

Straightforward Instructions

The calendar function of our staff holiday planner is largely responsible for our claim of straightforward instructions. Many people still update their home wall calendars by simply writing in their off days, and our program is really that simple. A staff member goes to our calendar, locates the date he/she would like to take off, hits a few keys, makes a few mouse clicks, and voila, a leave request has been created. At the same time, an email has been generated and forwarded to the employee’s manager or team leader and that manager can now see which other employees have requested leave for that same period. He/she can now base staff decisions with fully updated information.

Practical Communication

With our leave management system, not only is communication improved between staff and management, but also between colleagues as well. Once the calendar has been updated, all staff members are provided access to it. Therefore, they can use this information to determine when to request leave time, and since week-ends and holidays are accounted for, employees are not required to specifically request those days off. This practical communication permits team leaders to make necessary staff alterations today, tomorrow and well into the future.

Main functionalities of our Staff Holiday Planner

Sharing absences

Share absences of single user or entire teams simply with a link.


No matter where you are, is available on all connected devices.

Vacation days tracking

No guessing or tedious research. Have the left vacation days at handy at any time!

E-Mail approval

Reply to open requests straight via e-mail or on the website. The confirmation process is effortless.

Team Management

Assign your team members to as many teams as you want.

Calendar integration

Integrate in your preferred calendar like Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar.

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    We hit upon the Staff Holiday Planner of by chance and we are thrilled. The time saving compared to paper forms, excel sheets and holiday plans is huge.



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