Time-Off Manager

The time-off manager of absence.io helps your team to keep track on vacation times and any other kind of absences. The bigger your team the more difficult it gets to keep the overview. With our online service we help you to manage your teams time off. No need of installing software or hiring IT support.

Automated Updates

Our time-off manager’s ability to update automatically, while valuable in and of itself, eliminates data-entry repetition and, thus, saves time. A team member enters his/her leave request a single time and our system updates the data across the board. Now, your HR staff is only required to track leave time, rather than process it. No one within your organization will be forced to process hand-written or computer generated leave requests or enter leave data into an unwieldy spreadsheet again. We have not, however, completely removed the spreadsheet option as data from absence.io can be exported to Microsoft Excel at any time. Additionally, our employee attendance tracker will automatically update for the smallest, privately owned business as well as for teams within the largest of corporations.

Simplified Data Entry

Employee data entry for leave has been simplified with our easy to use, integrated calendar feature. A team member enters their leave request on our calendar and absence.io does the rest. Immediately after the leave dates are entered, our time-off manager automatically generates an email alert and forwards it to the appropriate manager. The team leader can then view all upcoming leave requests for the same period and make staff decisions with the best interests of the company in mind using reliable, fully updated data. All this was initiated by a team member simply entering potential leave days into the system.

Simplified Communication

These two areas, data entry and communication, have been greatly simplified with our absence management software, for not only does it improve communication between team managers and members, it does the same within the team as well. As a team member views a particular month on our leave calendar, he/she is able to view the upcoming leave time for all members of the team. This allows the employee to make a leave request decision with all the required data at his/her fingertips. It is in this way that absence.io simplifies, not only the data and communication elements within the leave tracking system, but the entire process itself.