What Check24 thinks about absence.io...

Check24 with their 750 employees is a satisfied client since the beginning of 2015. They save now apx. 10.000 sheets of paper every year and several thousand hours of effort.

The Interview

What kind of tools did you use before absence.io to manage your employees, e.g. for time off management?

"Everything was paper or email based before the switch."

What were the biggest issues with those tools?

"It was very unorganized and we didn't have the control. Statistics were very time consuming. The employees and team leads never had an overview about vacation and sickness days; therefore the HR department was consulted all the time."

What do you like the most about absence.io?

"The process of Time Off Management got a lot easier. Both the Human Resources department and the team leads have a better overview about all the vacation and sickness days of their employees. Statistics can be done within minutes. Compared to the past we have much less questions from the employees.
We love the overall overview which we got with absence.io!"