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Manage your employees' absences quickly and easily using a smart digital assistant

Our time-off manager provides automated updates, and simplifies both the data entry and communication processes within the leave reporting realm. One way we accomplished these inter-related goals was by giving team managers the ability to oversee both present and upcoming employee leave time with our system’s integrated calendar feature. This allows team leaders to make staff decisions in order to prevent even the slightest decline in company productivity. This ensures that your customer’s needs and expectations are met or exceeded and a productive company is a profitable company. absence.io aims to bring this all together.

Simplified PTO tracking

We have simplified the PTO tracking system in such a way that this application can be utilized by teams within large, international corporations as well as by small, individually owned companies. Our system takes what once was a complicated and time-consuming process and streamlines into a smooth-running and efficient system for the benefit of team managers and members alike. We have eliminated the need for written or computer generated leave request forms, as well as the associated manager’s approval or denial letters. The necessity to create large, complex spreadsheets to track employee off-time has also been lessened. However, it has not been eliminated as absence.io permits you to export your data to Microsoft Excel at any time.

Simplified PTO tracking
Easy-to-follow directions

Easy-to-follow directions

The instructions associated with our absence management software are as easy as reading a calendar, because team members enter their leave requests on our integrated calendar feature. They simply click the dates they desire to take off. It is that easy. Once that task has been accomplished, absence.io then automatically generates an email leave request to the proper team leader who can then quickly approve or deny that request. The leader also can view all other team members that have requested leave for the same time and base his/her decision with that fully updated information readily at hand. Finally, the team leader can then shift staff around as necessary.

Easy-to-follow directions

Doctor's note feature

absence.io presents you the new doctor's note feature. With it you will never again loose sight of missing medical certificates. Moreover, with a simple click you can mark it 'done' or send out a reminder to your employee.

Doctor's note feature
Smart. Easy. Flexible!

Smart. Easy. Flexible!

The absence.io system tracks all forms of team member absences, from sick and vacation days to off-site training time. Our applications can also be accessed from any mobile device at any time from any location, provided there is internet connectivity. This is due to the fact that our employee absence tracker is a cloud-based system that is both safe, secure and updated in real-time.

Smart. Easy. Flexible!

Key Features of Our Absence Management Software


Share your absences

Share your absences simply with a click.



No matter where you are, absence.io is available on all connected devices.


Vacation days tracking

No guessing or tedious research. Find the residual vacation days just there.


Team management

Assign your team members to as many teams as you want.


Email approval

Reply to open requests straight via e-mail or on the website. The confirmation process is effortless.


Calendar integration

Integrate absence.io in your preferred calendar like Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar.

What our customers are saying about us

Klaus, Katharina, Frank and 25,000 other users now have more time for what really matters: their business and families, all thanks to our absence management software. Contact us today to become part of this exciting new generation, and say goodbye to the chore and hassle of all that paperwork.


”Simple, at-a-glance, and efficient. If you need it fast, this is the tool you’ve been looking for.“

HR-Manager at Sport-Thieme

”We tried out all kinds of absence management software. But none of them made their mark on us like absence.io. And it’s not just the product. Their support is top of the line too. Thank you absence.io!“

Team Assistant at mantro GmbH

”We tested a bunch of different tools. The intuitive and easy-to-use user interface was the reason we chose absence.io.“

CEO exccon GmbH

SSL Encrypted

Your data is protected from unauthorized access thanks to our SSL encryption and high security standards.


ISO Certified Servers

All our servers and databases are located in Germany and ISO certified.


Daily backups

All data stored on absence.io is backed up daily and stored in different locations for added security.

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