Información sobre los subcontratistas de

Product Subcontractor definition: A third party that processes customer data in our name. Essential for the service we are delivering to the customer. 






Type of processing

Processed personal data

Place of processing

Adequate data protection level

LimTec GmbH

Server hosting. All our servers are owned by within our Partner Limtec. We deliver our Web, Mobile Apps through these servers to fulfil our customer contract.

All data we process to deliver our service (Web & Mobile Apps)

Germany (EU)

DPA; ISO Certified; SCC

Amazon Web Services

Cloud Infrastructure/Server. Host documents uploaded to our service to deliver this feature. Only applies to customers which upload documents in

Uploaded documents.

Germany (EU)

DPA; ISO Certified; SCC


Product email notification service. Processed to send emails from the product to users within our service (like absence requests)

Email, Name

France (EU)