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Digital time tracking

Clocking in and out with tokens, employee IDs, or smartphones

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Reports and analytics

All important information always in view

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Flexible work time tracking

Alternative time tracking methods, such as digital stopwatch or manual entries, on all devices

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Safe and legally compliant

Maximum data and legal security

Our punch clock software is ...

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Clocking in and out is possible with tokens, employee IDs, smartphones, and much more. The medium can be freely chosen according to needs.

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No expensive external hardware is needed for our software. Essentially, any end device can be transformed into a digital time clock.

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All working hours are recorded precisely and in accordance with all legal standards.

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More than a punch clock

With our software, working hours can be recorded not just by clocking in and out. Besides the option of manual time entries, we also offer a digital stopwatch for smartphones and desktops.

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Secure and compliant with data protection

All data is optimally secured with SSL encryption, ISO-certified servers (all in Germany), and daily data backups. Our software, of course, meets all data protection guidelines.

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Expandable and integrable

Attendances and absences go hand in hand. That's why our time tracking software is directly linked to a vacation and absence management system.
Furthermore, our software can be smoothly integrated with all common payroll accounting and project management tools.

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Smart and clear

Administrators and users can view all important and released information for them at any time - such as overtime or deficit hours.

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Supportive with free service & customer support

We don't leave anyone behind. For any questions or difficulties, our product experts are available for free via phone, email, or live chat.

We deliver more than just the punch clock

With us, it's not just about the hardware for the wall, but the complete solution. We provide everything you need in terms of software right away, for reliable and legally compliant time tracking.



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Your data is safe with us

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SSL encryption

SSL encryption and the highest security standards reliably protect all your data against unauthorised access.

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ISO-certified servers

All our servers and databases are ISO-certified and located exclusively in Germany.

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Daily data backups

All data is backed up daily and stored on multiple servers to ensure maximum security.

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