We appreciate the intuitive and user-friendly operation of the software

movingimage EVP GmbH has been a satisfied customer of absence.io since October 2015. With more than 100 employees, the company now saves thousands of sheets of paper every year and benefits from the transparency and flexibility absence.io offers.

Christoph Hauser
Christoph Hauser
HR Generalist
Company MovingIMAGE
100 Employees
Company MovingIMAGE

Which tools did you previously use for your personnel management?
"In the past we only worked with Excel. Our employees created tickets for vacation requests with a project management tool that we especially adjusted to our needs (Redmine). The HR department then had to process the tickets and individually add them to our Excel list."

What were the biggest issues?
"The complexity that came along with the vacation request tickets, i.e. the high degree of administrative effort it took us, and the slips that occasionally occurred when transferring data to Excel. Another downside was that only the HR department had access to the employees’ planned and remaining vacation days, so the employees always had to ask HR if they wanted this information."

What do you like the most about absence.io?
"We especially appreciate the very intuitive and user-friendly operation of the software. Moreover, with the filter function we can immediately and easily obtain an absence overview for any additional vacation requests and for import into our payroll system Datev."