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Digitalize your time tracking and get the most out of your work day’s time tracking software lets you manage your employees’ work hours and overtime simply and at a glance. No matter where they are, it’s available 24/7 for all managers and staff.

Time tracking without time cards or paperwork

With, every employee gets access to the software and their work schedule where they can enter their start and finish times. Open the app, and click to start the work day. Open the app, and click again when it’s time to go home. It’s that easy. You can also enter your breaks and lunch time. And of course we provide all the hardware terminals you need.

Time tracking without time cards or paperwork
Flexibility for employees, managers, and administrators

Flexibility for employees, managers, and administrators

As an alternative, work hours can also be entered by the managers. Thanks to the flexible time tracking system, start and finish times can be changed in the calendar by the administrator at all times. And you can even see who’s signed in and at work at any given time.

Flexibility for employees, managers, and administrators

Automatic work hour and overtime reports

Our time tracking software automatically generates reports on the hours your employees work. You’re going to like how much time this saves you when you’re doing payroll. You’ll also be able to keep a close eye on employee overtime. Email notifications let them know e.g. when they’ve reached their hourly or overtime limit.

Automatic work hour and overtime reports
All-in-one solution for all your staff management needs

All-in-one solution for all your staff management needs

Apart from time tracking, offers you a wide range of other features. It lets you manage your entire staff with one single software solution. Take care of vacation planning, absence leaves, or your employee files. Whatever your needs, we’ve got an affordable, centralized, all-in-one solution for your entire staff management.

All-in-one solution for all your staff management needs

Key Features of Our Time Tracking Software


Digital time tracking

Start and stop tracking with a simple click in the app.


Mobile access

Use the app on your desktop computer and all your mobile devices.


Practical admin function for managers

Assign an admin who can fully manage and monitor employee work hours.


Automatic reporting

Managers and department heads can automatically find out who worked what hours and when.


Simple overtime management

Keep employees and admins up to date on all overtime hours worked.


Comprehensive staff management

Our all-in-one software features everything you need for effective employee management.

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Klaus, Katharina, Frank and 25,000 other users now have more time for what really matters: their business and families, all thanks to our absence management software. Contact us today to become part of this exciting new generation, and say goodbye to the chore and hassle of all that paperwork.


”Simple, at-a-glance, and efficient. If you need it fast, this is the tool you’ve been looking for.“

HR-Manager at Sport-Thieme

”We tried out all kinds of absence management software. But none of them made their mark on us like And it’s not just the product. Their support is top of the line too. Thank you!“

Team Assistant at mantro GmbH

”We tested a bunch of different tools. The intuitive and easy-to-use user interface was the reason we chose“

CEO exccon GmbH

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